From time to time you may want to change user permissions to either allow or deny the access to Zunos iOS app and the Zunos WebApp. For whatever reason this may be, the process is quite straight forward and can be achieved by using the Zunos Admin Portal.

 Please use the following steps to disable access to the Zunos Application:

Restricting app access per user

  1. Log into the Zunos Admin Portal

  2. Go to the Users module

  3. To prevent access to a single user, open that users account, scroll down and change the setting called Client Application Access.

  4. Alternatively, to restrict just the user access from webapp, toggle setting Webapp Client Access

  5. Click the Save option that appears to the right of the Account Settings header

Restricting app access for a group of users

You may also adjust this setting for many users at a time

  1. Log into the Zunos Admin Portal

  2.  Go to the Users module

  3. Tag the users by checking the box beside the user in the list

  4. From the bulk actions toolbar choose More and then Disable Client Access

  5. You can also bulk action Disable Webapp Client Access

6. Lastly, user access to the Zunos iOS app and WebApp can be disabled as part of the user import process. Please check out the user import article here for more  information on the bulk import options.

Note: To enable the user access either per user or for a group, simply repeat the steps but instead of taking actions to disable it, enable it.

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