To set a user as an Administrator use the Make Admin option from the user menu as per the screenshot below:

Organization vs Basic

There are 2 different levels of admin access.

  1. Selecting Organization will give the user admin access to the entire organization profile.

  2. Selecting Basic will only give the user access to certain areas of the Admin Portal, as determined by the Organization Admin. This is determined by selecting the applicable modules.

  3. After you have chosen the right level, click save before you close the user window.

  • Event Admin                                                                                                              Allows Event trainer access. Event admins will be able to mark users attended via iOS device.

  • Comms
    Allows access to the Communicate section

  • Content
    Allows access to Zunos Drive

  • Events
    Allows access to the Events module

  • Forms
    Allows access to the Forms Inbox

  • Settings
    Allows access to the Settings area

  • Leaderboard
    Allows access to Leaderboards

  • Manager
    Allows access to Forms, User's and Reporting

  • Reports
    Allows access to the Reporting area

  • User Only
    Allows access to user management only, and does not allow access to Groups or Smart Groups

  • User
    Allows access to the entire Users area

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