Using the User Export feature allows admins to make bulk user profile changes such as, adding new phone numbers, addresses and, new groups within the org by uploading an Export User excel sheet and editing the changes. The User Export excel sheet can then be uploaded as a User Import back into the user profile section.

The User Export excel sheet can be downloaded from the Detailed Reports section, underneath User/Groups tab:

Note: For instructions on how to Import Users, please see our Knowledgebase Article titled: Import Users (Bulk import via excel).

Download User Export Template

The User Export excel template can be downloaded from the report section.

  • Report Filename: Admins can rename the Excel spreadsheet to a different name.

  • Users: Admins can choose the entire user list in the org or, manually add the names of users they wish to edit

User Export Template

The User Export template contains identical columns as the User Import template to allow easy import use back into the User section.

Note: Please note that the User Export template contains the Organization column, which is not available in the User Import template. To use the User Export template successfully, admins will need to delete Organization column from the User Expert template and next, save.

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