Once you have created your event,  you should now be ready to send the invitations.

Step 1

To send out invitations individual to users, select attendees box, and an option bar  will appear to allow individual event messages to be sent out via email.

Step 2

To send invitations out in bulk via email., choose the type of bulk invitation to be sent out from the choices of the drop down menu.

Step 3

Check the status of your event and user registration by clicking on the Event, and next, the Attendees tab.

This view will indicate the following:

  • The color bars indicate the status of each event process: Invited, Registered, and Attended.

  • Yellow: User was invited.

  • Blue: User has registered for the event.

  • Green: User attended the event.

What Users will see in the Event Invitation:

Once users receive their Event invite via email or app message, they'll have the option to register for the event, or decline.

If the user chooses to decline the event invitation, a warning message will appear. 

If the Event was part of an Event Set (A set of event sessions all part of one event. Previously known as Sessions), the user will get a warning message stating that if declining the event, they will not be able to register for any events in the set.

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