Event Confirmation Templates can be created in Drive under the "Add Content" button by choosing Message Template.

Note: Please see our Knowledgebase article titled Create A Message Template for further message creation instructions!

Below is an example of an Event Confirmation template being created.

Clicking on the Merge Tags button will show all the tags that can be used in the Event Confirmation template.

The tags that are required in Event Confirmation template are outlined below

  • Tag for the Name of the Event

  • Tag for the Location of the Event

  • Tag for the Date and/or Time of the Session

  • Tag for the Apple Wallet button which will allow the event to be added to the users iPhone Apple Wallet app.

  • Tag for the QR code - This code is automatically generated based on the event and user details

Below is an example of what the event confirmation will look like for your users after the user confirms their attendance at the event.

You will notice the above sample has replaced the Merge Tags with your event specific details.

What happens next 

At the event:

  • When the user attends an event, they will display their QR code to be scanned by the event coordinator by using the Zunos app.

  • Once the QR code has been scanned the Registrant Details are displayed

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