The process for creating assets starts in the Users section, under Assets. Before you can begin to assign assets to users it's important to add the asset types first.

Steps to Create Asset Types

  1. In the Assets section, click Asset types.

  2. Click the plus button to create a new Asset type.

  3. Add your asset type name and make the status active, then click create.

Steps to assign Assets via the Admin Portal

Return back to Assets and add the Asset details:

  • Type (created above, note that the Type selection will only be available if it was created in the (Users section > Assets) otherwise this will be blank.)

  • IMEI (optional)

  • Serial Number

  • Status (Unassigned, Assigned, In Use, Retired)

  • Assigned to (the individual the asset is assigned to)

Once the asset is created it will display below in the assets section.

Steps to Import Assets


If you have a number of assets to assign, it’s best to utilise the template.

  1. Click on the import Assets button.

  2. Locate the download CSV template and download it by simply clicking on the hyperlink 'here' in the text.

  3. Fill out the following fields:
    - Username: by default this is the same as your email address, however if you have manually changed it please use the new username
    - Asset Type: this must match the name of the asset type Serial Number: the asset serial number
    - Identifier: a secondary identifier such as IMEI Status: please use one of the following: Unassigned, Assigned, In Use, Retired (Please make sure you select a username if the status is Assigned, In Use or Retired)

Once the template fields are completed, save the file and go back to the Zunos admin portal and click browse to locate the file and click submit to import it.

Assign the status of assets

Once your users have been assigned assets, you may need to change and update the status of your assigned assets, to do this:

  1. In the Assets section, you will now find its populated with assets assigned to users

  2. Click on the respective asset you wish to change

  3. Look for the Assigned To field, this will show you the currently set status. Click it to choose from the following assigned status options:
    - Unassigned
    - Assigned
    - In Use
    - Retired/DOA
    - Lost/Replaced by user

  4. Once you choose the new status, you will be provided an option to save your changes. Remember to click Save to commit your changes.

Steps to assign assets to event attendees via the admin portal

  1. In the events section, click on Sessions and within each session click on Registrations.

  2. Enter the attendee name and click register.

  3. The attendee will now be listed.

Steps to assign an asset via an iOS device

  1. On the iOS device now, select the event that you are invited to. Complete the following fields:
    - Asset Type (Mandatory)
    - IMEI (Optional)
    - Serial - Status (Mandatory)

  2. Tap Submit to proceed.

  3. Once this is complete it should display the asset below in the Assets section.

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