How do I ensure that each form submitted is sent directly for manager's approval?

Within Form Settings you will be able to make changes to the form's approval process. Simply toggle the Auto Approve button to No to ensure that the form will be automatically sent for the manager's approval.

How do I check the status of a form?

As an admin, you can check the status of a form in the forms inbox in the admin portal. Click on the status to change or update it.

As a user, you will not know receive a push notification when you form is approved. If it is not approved, it might be sent back to you with a notification on what needs revising. You will find incomplete or rejected forms in your forms inbox on the app.

Can I change the field settings in the form?

Yes you can. Simply find the form in form layouts and open it, find the field you wish to customize and click on field settings, and then edit it. You can make the field mandatory, make it active or inactive and change the field label.

Can I create a customized form?

The answer is yes. You can build your own form layouts in Zunos with the drag and drop interface. Click on Create in Drive and choose to create a form. You can then select a field type such as multiple choice, single choice or number. Once you have selected the field types for each of the fields on your form you will be able to customize them.

My users cannot see the forms. What can I do?

If you're encountering an issue with your users not being able to see a form/ forms that you have recently published, check the items below in the admin portal.

  1. Ensure the form is active.

  2. If there are groups or Smart Groups assigned to the form, ensure the user(s) are members of the group or team. If not, add the user to the group and inform them to reopen the app and check again.

If you are still encountering issues contact us at

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