To onboard a user into Zunos follow these simple steps.

  1. Select the Users tab and click the New User button.

  2. Complete the details in the new user form. Allocate a Username and Password.

  3. Allocate the user to the appropriate group(s) by clicking Add to Groups. Choose the group/s from the drop-down list and click Add To.

  4. Make the user Active.

  5. Send the user a welcome email.

What you need to know

  • Using the email address of the user is often the best choice for a username as it is easy for the individual to remember and provides a simple username convention.

  • Custom fields can be used to provide additional information about users.

  • Open the user settings by clicking on a user's name.

Send a welcome email

Once a user has been created send a Welcome email to them which will contain the details they require to install and login to Zunos. You will find these options and more under the Options Tab.

You can choose to send a welcome email, reset password and force password reset email to numerous users at once by using the Bulk Action button.

You can save time by adding multiple users into Zunos at once. Read the article on importing users here.

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