Administrator Questions

Can I restrict the distribution of the quiz to particular Group or Smart Group members?

Yes. Allocating groups of learners in the quiz settings provides you with full control over the distribution of quizzes. You can select a particular group or smart groups that you wish to send the quiz out to.

My learners cannot see the quiz, What do i do?

If you're encountering an issue with your or your learners not being able to see a quiz/ quizzes check the items below in the admin portal.

  1. Ensure the quiz is active.

  2. If there are groups or smart groups assigned to the quiz, ensure the user(s) are members of the group or smart group. If not, add the user to the group and inform them to reopen the app and check again.

  3. Ensure that you haven't already completed the quiz. A completed quiz with no attempts left will archive itself. Check 'Quiz History' in the app to see a record of completed quizzes.

If I select to not show the correct answers in the quiz, will the feedback appear?

No. The feedback will only appear you choose to show the correct answer after the question is completed.

Learner Questions

What happens when I use up all of my attempts in the Quiz?

This means you have used up all of your quiz attempts and cannot attempt the quiz again. If you feel strongly that you'd like another attempt you can contact your Zunos program administrator from your company.

If I am unable to finish my quiz and close it half way through, does it count as an attempt?

No. The app will remember which question you are up to in the quiz and you can tap to continue quiz to keep going. If you have to close the app and come back later, you'll be able to pick up where you left off by completing the quiz under 'Incomplete' in your quiz list in the app.

If you are still encountering issues contact us at

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