If you have held events in the past and would like the data captured in Zunos, watch this video where Indi will cover the steps to successfully create and manage your past events with Zunos.

If you prefer to read, see the steps below to create past events.

Prerequisite: The users who attended the event reside in a group

  1. Create an event and enter all relevant details.

  2. Enable the Create Default Session and enter the Start and End dates, when the event took place.

  3. From the Event Details screen, ensure the number of slots is adequate for the number of users you wish to mark as attended.

  4. Choose the Bulk Register Users option.

  5. Enter or copy and paste the user names you wish to register for this event.

  6. Click Validate Usernames to verify users entered are within your program.

  7. Choose Mark as attended.

  8. Then click Register Users.

  9. In the Attendees screen, you will see users were added via bulk registration and marked as attended.

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