Quiz answers

This report contains a breakdown of quiz results per user.

Data displayed

  • Organization
  • User id
  • Name
  • Email
  • User groups
  • Quiz
  • Question
  • Answer
  • Answer status - is the answer correct or incorrect
  • Points - points allocated depended on answer status
  • Answer date - when was the question answered
  • Custom fields' columns

Quiz answers summary

This report contains a summary of all quiz questions answered, identifying how many answers were submitted and of those submitted answers how many were correct.

Data displayed

  • Organization
  • Quiz - name of quiz
  • Total answers
  • Correct answers
  • Custom fields' columns

Quiz engagement

This report details information about a user's engagement with quizzes. You can select individual quizzes or choose to display all quizzes in one report.

Data displayed

  • Organization
  • User id
  • Username
  • Quiz rank
  • Total points correct - number of points a user has retained
  • Total possible points - number of points available in the quiz

Quiz results summary by groups

This report contains a summary of all the quiz questions answered by a group within a set of user defined parameters.

Data displayed

  • Organization
  • Week start
  • Week end
  • User group
  • Total group users
  • Unique users
  • Percentage of users
  • Returning
  • Percentage of returning
  • Total questions answered

Quiz user performance

This report provides a summary of a user's performance in a chosen quiz.

Data displayed

  • Organization
  • Name
  • Email
  • Quiz name
  • Quiz launch date - date the quiz became active to users
  • Commenced date - date the quiz was started
  • Completed date - date all quiz questions were answered and submitted
  • Percentage correct

Quiz user performance by Group

This report provides a summary of a user's performance in quizzes, aggregated by Group.

Data displayed

  • Organization
  • Quiz Name
  • User Group
  • Quiz Launch Date
  • Group User Count
  • % Users Commenced
  • % Users Completed
  • % Correct

Tip: Be aware that the percentage figure in the excel spreadsheet is displayed as a decimal.

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