Leaderboards display the progress of users within Zunos awarding points for media views, form submissions and quiz completions. You can customise a leaderboard to display the progressive leaders of any behaviour or activity you choose.

To create a New Leaderboard from the Admin portal, click on Add Content, and then click on Leaderboard. 

  1. Name: Enter a Leaderboard Name. Next, this will take you to the Settings' in your leaderboard. The Settings' page has a 'General' and 'Technical' section.

  2. Type: Admins can choose to have Individual or Group type leaderboards. Individual will show all users in the leaderboard. Group will show groups' only in the leaderboard.

  3. Group: Admins can choose to select Groups to participate in the leaderboard. This can be left blank which will include everyone in the org to participate in the leaderboard.

  4. Description: A brief description of the leaderboard can be added.

  5. Activities: In the Activities' option, there will be a display of all media content, forms, quizzes, achievements and courses. Activities can be selected individually here by clicking in the Activities' field.

  6. All Media, All Quizzes, All Forms, and All Achievements: By selecting these, admins can choose to have all media, quizzes, forms and achievements to be included in the Leaderboard.

  7. Select the Start and End date for the program or leave blank if you don't have one. The Leaderboard will be available and begin on the Start date chosen, and expire on the End date.

  8. Size: Enter the number of users to be displayed in the leaderboard.

  9. Show Users with 0 points: Admins have the option of either seeing all users who have yet to engage in the activities in the  leaderboard which will show "0 points" or, this can be omitted to see only users with points.

  10. Make the Leaderboard Active and click Save and Close.

Note: Administrators have additional control over measuring user engagement in their Leaderboards. If Publish Dates are entered for Leaderboard, you will have an additional toggle to use the published date for content, for the duration set on the leaderboard.

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