The Forms Inbox is a central repository where all submitted forms appear in the Zunos Admin portal.

When a user submits a form it will appear in the list as per below and can be actioned by a Zunos Administrator accordingly.

  1. The User that has Submitted the Form.

  2. The name of the Form.

  3. Form Email Subject Line. This can contain custom text from the actual form data.

  4. Points awarded for completing the form.

  5. Date/Time of the Form Submission.

  6. The current Form Status. This can be one of the following: Pending, Approved, Declined, Reopened, Editing

  7. List of the recipients that will receive the submitted Form. When clicking on the mail icon, admins can see a list of form recipients and the status of the email Form message. 

  8. Assign the form to another User

  9. Bulk Action Checkbox

Note: To view the form submissions, click on the row and a preview will open. From this preview window you may re-open an approved form as well as take other actions.

Tip: You may bulk action forms by checking the check-box on each row which will reveal a bulk action option in the grey bar above.

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