Form Settings

  • Name: Edit the name of your form.

  • Description: Add a description to your form that can be seen on the App.

  • Tags: Add tags to categorise your forms. Tags will group your forms within the App.

  • Groups: Assign your forms to specific groups to restrict visibility to certain groups. Remember, if you do not add a group or smart groups here, all of your users will have access to this form.

  • Email To: Add an email address so that when a form is submitted and approved a copy of the form is automatically sent to the desired recipient.

  • Email Subject: Customise the subject of the email based on a particular field and the input into that field.

  • Success Message: Customise the success message a user sees when they submit a form.

  • Users To Notify On Submission: Users entered here will be notified of form submissions, this field works irrespective of having the Auto Approve enabled.

  • Send Push Notification: A push notification will be triggered for form submissions.

  • Points: Assign the points the user receives. This will influence achievements and leaderboards.

  • Active: Is the form active so that users can see the form on the App?

  • Auto Approve?: Is the form automatically approved upon submission?

  • Attach PDF to Email?: When the form is submitted and a copy is sent via email, is a copy of the form sent as a PDF?

  • Allow Users to see History?: Are users allowed to view their form submission history?

  • Max Submissions Per User (0 = Unlimited): Set a maximum number of submissions a user is allowed.

  • Points Multiplier: Enables any number field within the form to be multiplied by the points assigned to the form.

  • Custom File Name for Output: This assigns the form an alternative name intended for use with output of the form.

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