Create forum topics in your Zunos organization to encourage the sharing of information, knowledge and insights throughout your team. Forum topics are confined to the users within your organization and encourage people who don't see each other every day to talk and learn from each other's experiences.

Before you can begin creating forums, ensure the functionality is switched on. If you cannot see the 'Forum Topics' tab under Communicate in the Admin Portal email us at and we'll switch it on for you.

Create a forum topic

  1. In the admin portal, go to Communicate and click the Forum Topics tab.

  2. Click New Forum Topic.

  3. Enter a title (this appears above the question and can be the name of the topic).

  4. Add the forum tags (link to tag article).

  5. Post a question or statements which will get people responding.

  6. Add an image to the forum topic which will appear on this forum topic beneath the topic post.

  7. Set an expiry date on the post if required.

  8. Enable Close posting if you do not want people responding to this topic.

  9. Make it Active and Click Save.

  10. Promote the post to your users and this will ensure the forum topic appears at the very top of their forums menu under 'Pinned Topics' in the app.

Alert users to a new topic

After you have created a new topic, you'll want to alert your users to read and respond. Go to Send new Push Notification. Choose Forum Topic and pick the topic you recently created from the list. Send the push notification out to your users and it will take them directly to the topic when they tap on it.

Users can add topics too!

To enable or disable the ability to users to create new topics or tags click the Forum Settings button and a window will appear with 2 options to allow you to activate of deactivate the topics and or tags. Change the settings and click Update post.

Can't find a topic?

Use the filter option beside Tags to search for your topic based on the tags that were assigned to it.

Manage forum topics

To manage a forum topic, go to Forum Topics in the Admin Portal and select the topic from the list. Scroll down to view the list of replies. Click on the dropdown arrow beside the reply to edit, reply to or remove it. To delete a forum topic, click the trash can icon beside the title of the topic.

Moderate forum topics

We take profanity and poor behaviour seriously. If we identify a reply that includes bad language or phrases, Admins on the account will receive an automatic email from Zunos to alert you to the reply or topic. If the Admin finds the reply offensive they may log into the admin portal and delete it immediately. Users of the app also have the ability to report replies to admins.

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