Field type: Date and time

Date and Time fields allow users to add a date and time in the format of Day/Month/Time

Field type: Time interval

Time interval fields enable users to subtract an amount of time from the total time.

Field type: Calculated time

Calculated Time fields enable users to calculate the a difference in units of time

Field Settings

  • Report Label: When a form report is generated, the field title shown in the report can differ from the field title shown in the form.
  • Fill With List Selection: auto populates the form field by referencing the data within a selected list.
  • Active: Making the field active or inactive
  • Visible to User: Can the field be seen on the form in the app?
  • Visible in Output: Can the field input be seen in the PDF form receipt (when the form is submitted), drafts or submitted form details in the app
  • Read Only: No data can be entered
  • Mandatory: Is it mandatory to complete this field?
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