At times, there will be a need for Training Courses to be taken multiple times, in order to refresh the User's training knowledge, or certification on a subject.

The Recurring functionality is set up through an Achievement, but is only available for Courses in an Achievement Task.

The following steps are taken in order to use this new functionality:

  • Go into the Achievement that contains the Course that needs to be repeated

  • In Settings, activate the Recurring switch located in the Technical section

  • Complete the settings as required here, including how many days the Course Expires in from completion, the Days before Expiry a reminder message will go out, and the Message Template to be used. When this 'Days before Expiry' is reached, the reminder will automatically be sent out to the User.

  • Once complete, the Achievement will show a ‘clockface’ icon in the top right, which shows the ‘history’ of the Achievement

  • Once the Days Before Expiry date is reached, the Achievement will re appears in the User’s ‘To Do’ list, under a ‘due soon’ sub banner

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