Assignments in BTZ Learning is the module based around video coaching.

The premise around it is that the admin will create an Assignment available for Group Manager(s) to distribute requesting users to submit a video response with a specific due date. These video responses will then be rated, commented on, and reviewed by the Manager(s).

Video assignments could be any number of things - an example sales pitch to a customer, a safety demonstration, or something similar.

The Admin will set the criteria, and attach accompanying Zunos drive material as required, then managers can send out to the relevant people.

The Users will review, then record on the fly, or pre-record and upload the video submission, and send in for review.

The Manager will then review the video submission and can mark points in the video for comment, thumbs up, thumbs down, question, or general comment. The system will leave color-coded indicators on the timeline for the various feedback types. Then, the videos submission can be approved or a request for resubmission can be returned to the submitter.

When the User receives back, they will then review the comments/feedback, and resubmit if required.

The completion of assignment can also be tied to an Achievement.

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