Zunos administrators can now create multiple Events by using the Import process. The import process for events is quite similar to the Zunos Users' and Assets' Import feature as admins can download and use the Excel import sheet to include all of the Event settings' information. 

In Events, click on the 'Import' button to download the Import template. The Import button also can be used to upload your completed import .xls template.

Once the template has been downloaded, you can continue to add all of the event settings' information in the columns. Each .xls sheet column contains event settings' fields that you will find in the Event Settings' area. Each row can be used to add an event and its settings per row.

Once your Event import has been completed, you can save your .xls sheet and next, go back to the Events' page to upload your import .xls template. Click on the Import icon again to upload your template. You can drag and drop your template here, or click in the box to browse for your template. Once added, next, click on Save.

Next, you'll now see your multiple events from your .xls sheet in your Events' page area.

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