If you've created a new Course or Achievement, or even uploaded an awesome video that you'd like to get your team across, using Notifications in Zunos is the way to go.

Notifications will alert users devices with a popup and allows you to guide them directly to your new content.

Follow the guide below to keep your users in the loop.

1. First of all, go to Zunos Drive from the side menu and upload or create your content in Zunos. 

If you are new to Zunos Drive, check out this article which talks about uploading an managing content in Zunos.

2. After you have your content in Drive, select the content and then click the Notify Users button from the top toolbar.

This will open a new browser window and allow you to sent your notification.

3. Below is an example of the Create Notification screen.

By default, all users will receive the notification. If you'd like to change this, disabling this first check box will allow you to select individual users or groups of users.

Next you can choose to send the message at a future time. If you leave this field blank the Notification will be sent immediately.

Check that the correct content is going to be linked to the notification. When the user taps on the notification, they will be taken to directly to the content, whether it be a video, course or achievement.

A default message is created for you, however if you'd like to change this message, toggle the Use Default Message check box and enter your own message for this notification.

Be sure to test your notification message to make sure it you are sending the correct content.

Once you are happy with your parameters, click the Send Notification button to notify your selected users about the new content.

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