Are you getting the most out of your program on Zunos? While you’ve been mastering content, breezing through quizzes and conquering courses like a Zunos pro, we’ve been cooking up some features of our own to help you be your best. If you want to amp up your engagement apply these shortcuts and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful union between technology and software.

Time Savers

Your time is precious. Don't waste a minute searching through the app to view content and videos. Make every minute count while learning with these time saving tricks. Note: Some of these tricks are only available for certain devices, iOS platforms and versions of Zunos, read more about these in the linked articles.

3D Touch

On compatible devices, perform actions straight from your home screen. Press and hold the Zunos App and check your engagement score or jump into content or forms. When inside the app peek into content by pressing and holding down over the desired content. You'll be able to quickly glance at what’s inside content pages without having to load it.

Avoid digging through the app for content by searching from your device's native search bar. Simply swipe to load your search bar and type in the name or subject of your content. 

Multi-View and Drag and Drop

Turn your iPad Pro or multi-screen desktop into a Zunos App control center. Open multiple apps at one time so you can toggle back and forth between them. Drag and drop content from the Zunos into emails or elsewhere.

Today Widget

Easily view your engagement score by adding Zunos to your Today Widget on your iOS device. Served up along side your calendar and weather, you’ll quickly stay informed of new training that is available without having to open up the Zunos app.

Space & Data Savers

In today’s digital age, space and data saving tips are pure gold. Keep from depleting your data and save valuable space on your devices while learning in Zunos with these tips:

 Swipe left 

All synced and downloaded content takes up space on your device. Give old content the boot and free up space by swiping left over content and selecting Remove to delete it from your device.

Sync Content  

Heading into a no WiFi zone? Don’t let limited internet access halt your learning moment. Sync new content and videos to your device before losing internet connection so you can access training anywhere you go without dipping into your data.

Personalization Features

Make your name stand out among the leaderboards with eye catching images and a full trophy case upon display with these tips:

Add a profile image

Let other learners know you who you are by uploading a favorite photo to your profile. Your picture will be displayed on your profile and the Leaderboards for all to see. 

Pin Badges To Your Profile

Shine up your own personal trophy case for other learners to see. Pin badges earned by completing tasks, courses and quizzes to your profile. Displaying all your achievements will encourage other learners to step up the competition and complete tasks of their own.

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