Here at Zunos, we take security seriously. We have measures in place to make sure your account is as secure as possible and as such there are some restrictions on accessing the admin portal.

These restrictions mean that you can only be logged into the Zunos Admin portal in one browser at a time. If you log in again from the same or different computer, your existing session will be logged out.

The following is a list of scenarios that may be helpful if you find you are being logged out of Zunos Admin.

  1. You can only be logged into the admin portal once per user account. If you log in to the admin portal again anywhere (new browser tab, different computer etc), the existing session will be logged out.

  2. You can be logged in with two different admin accounts but only if using two different browser types, eg, Safari & Firefox, or Edge & Chrome etc.

  3. You can be logged into both the Admin portal and the Zunos WebApp with the same user account in the same browser.

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