Reward and recognise your learners for reaching milestones in your program with achievements. Achievements will help you to engage your learners and offer a structured learning pathway to attaining anything from points to winners badges and virtual rewards!

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Here's how you do it:
   In Drive, click on Add Content  and then choose Achievement.

  1. Enter a name for the group eg. "Keeping up on Zunos" and press Add. The Achievement Builder will appear.

  2. The Achievement group settings appear under the settings button in the top right, click here anytime to expand the settings and update the achievements details or settings. See the image below for a description of each.

  3. Start by clicking on the plus sign to add Achievements. Achievements can have a single or multiple tasks.

  4. Choose a task type by selecting one of the options from the drop-down menu. Eg. Pick Forums and then drag the drop the forum task into the Achievement. For a full listing of the Achievements Types and Tasks available click here.

  5. Within the Achievement all of the text in blue or pink is editable. Click on the colored text to change the name of the achievement level, add a description and customize the tasks.

  6. Update the image or badge and name of the achievement title or description. To update the Achievement Group badge which is the overall badge, save and close the achievement and then update the thumbnail image in the content settings window.

  7. The diamond beside achievements lets you link to virtual rewards, read below for more information.

  8. The mail icon lets you select a completion email. This could be a congratulations message or a certificate of Achievement. Simply add a message template in the Drive as a generic template and link it to the Achievement here.

  9. To track your users' progress on a certain achievement, click the user button.

You can choose to save and close or save without closing by selecting the arrow on the save button.

Notify Users of new Achievements

Boost awareness and engagement or your achievements by notifying your users that they are there.

  1. From Drive select the achievement so that it's blue (click once).

  2. Click on the notify users button in the toolbar.

  3. Choose to send to all active users.

  4. Default text is provided but if you do wish to send a customized message you can change the body of the push notification.

  5. Click Send Notification.

Pre-requisite Achievements

If you would like your achievements to be unlocked as they are achieved in the order they are set, simply enter an achievement group

  1. Click the achievement settings

  2. Enable the Unlock achievements in order toggle

Now achievements will be unlocked once the previous achievement has been achieved, dependent on the order of the achievement.

Virtual Rewards 

At anytime you can add a virtual reward to an achievement. Virtual rewards can be any type of media, form or even a quiz which are made available upon completion of the achievement. To add a virtual reward simple click on the diamond beside the achievement and choose the task.

For extra advice, visit out best practices article here on how to build out the best type of achievements!

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