Smart Groups is a powerful user management tool which allows you to build dynamic groups based on a variety of parameters. Smart groups target specific users who meet the conditions at any period of time, as opposed to a group which remains the same over time.
Smart groups queries are called ZQL (Zunos Query Language). ZQL allows for the use of logical operator like AND, OR, and NOT. This allows you to build much more complex groups to meet your changing requirements.
To keep this process simple, we have provided a ZQL builder tool in the User module, which allows you to work down a decision flow chart. This builds out your SQL query statement and also displays the users who fall under those met conditions.
There are sample default smart group queries provided in Zunos. Please view them below to give you an idea of what is possible. 


Note: Smart Groups can be found in the Users section of the admin portal. When you enter the Smart Groups section for the first time you will find all the Teams you had created previously migrated across to the Smart Groups section.


Create a smart group

  1. Click New Smart Group.

  2. Enter a name for your Smart Group.

  3. Set to active.

  4. Click Start Query.

You will now have different property types to build your query with. These are broken down based on the different areas of the system, which includes:

  • User

  • Viewed Media

  • Event

  • Group

  • Role

  • Submitted Forms

  1. Alternatively, you can search for properties of your users.

  2. After adding each requirement click done.

  3. Once you are finished building your smart group click Save and your users will populate in a list below.




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