From time to time, email messages delivered to your users via your Zunos account may be caught by their spam filter.

This is an unfortunate scenario and somewhat unavoidable due to spam filtering solutions behaving differently.

Zunos maintains an active approach to ensure everything is done to make sure emails are being successfully delivered.

Despite this, certain email provider default settings will block unknown senders by default.

To ensure the best chance of receiving emails from Zunos, your customers should "White List" the email address or email domain used for sending email from Zunos.

All emails generated from Zunos are sent from  In order to ensure email delivery, your customers IT Team would need to either:

  1. White List, or;

  2. White List the sender domain, and/or

  3. White List our sender IP Address which is:

If these steps are taken, email delivered via Zunos will be always be allowed through to the intended recipient.

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