We've built hundreds of content pages in Zunos, learning the best ways to produce great content. Here are our top recommendations to help you build your own content pages in Zunos.


Update the Font

Change the font type and style in the body tab before you begin adding new text fields. This will set the default font on your content page, saving you time having to update all of the text boxes you add. 

Update the Content Width

The Content Width determines the width of your content page. Set the content width to 1,200. This is an optimal size for all screen sizes.


Duplicate Sections

Duplicate sections to save time reformatting or adding different effects and use the drag and drop tool to move the duplicated section elsewhere.

Background Color and Images

Add a light and unobtrusive background color or image to sections.

Column Padding

The Column Padding determines the amount of spacing surrounding your content in the column or new section. The Optimal Column Padding is 5 %. The default is currently 10 pixels.


Remove Padding

The Text Field Padding is the amount of padding or space around your text. The less padding you add around your text fields, the better your document will look. We recommend no padding or a value of 0.

Text Colors and Size

Do not use jarring text colors or small font sizes. A size of 16px with Myriad Set Pro Text is ideal for text.

Don't forget to add Deep Links and Hyperlinks in your text when it's appropriate. Deep Links link to content, quizzes or forms in the app and normal links will link to external web pages, your users won't stray far as web pages open within the app.

Add Dividers

Add dividers to separate collapsible text fields to make your content page look more professional.


Update the Image Height

Ensure your images are no more than 800 pixels in height.

Do not clutter the content page with images, use the carousel content and add numerous images to it.

Drag and Drop Images

Drag images into a carousel or image box. If you forget this and drag an image onto the page, an alert window will ask you if you want to leave the page. Click Stay and then go back to the content page and drag in an image field, then drag and drop the image into the box.

Good Habits

Save your work often

Save work content page often. Save without closing the file every 10 minutes or so to prevent you from losing your work if anything freezes, crashes or goes wrong on your computer.

Preview your content before you publish

Preview your content page on different devices as you are building it, to ensure it looks great on all screen sizes.

Save great pages as templates

When you're done, you can save your work as a template to build more great content just like it in half the time.

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